Immigration Lawyer in Long Island

Long Island is located in the southeast part of the U.S state of New York. It is extended over 100 miles in the Atlantic ocean. With an extensive coastline in the center of many technological and business activities. Providing bright opportunities is an attraction for many people, and immigrants are increasing day by day. It is essential to understand and work according to long island’s immigration laws for a successful immigration process. Immigration lawyers in Long Island guide and help you understand and intercept laws at every immigration process step.

At the Law Office of Tejal Shah, P.C., we believe in protecting immigrants’ rights in our country. Our immigration lawyers in Long Island work closely with immigrants to protect them from injustice and ensure they receive the same rights as natural-born American citizens. We focus on helping individuals and families facing a wide variety of circumstances and helping them achieve their legal goals.


How an Immigration Attorney in Long Island Help You?

The immigration lawyer can help you interpret the complicated parts of the law and help you understand precisely what you want and what you have to do. They will do much paperwork for you and save your time by guiding you about organizing your required documents and papers like birth and marriage certificates, financial statements, etc.

Unfortunately, if you face any removal proceeding before immigration, a qualified lawyer can help you in this challenging moment. He can find out a legal way to take you out of the situation and solve your problems. The lawyer will work on every possible form of relief for you. He will powerfully represent you and your case in the court and prepare you for facing the court. He will guide you on how to answer the judge’s questions to win the case.


Serving Immigrants in Long Island

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle the most complex immigration cases and provide you with the representation you deserve. With a thorough understanding of immigration laws and regulations, you can rely on us to help with any of your immigration issues. If you need to obtain your work Visa, our trusted attorneys are here to help you. For several years, the Law Office of Tejal Shah, P.C. has helped local immigrants receive the legal representation they deserve. Call us today to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney.

The need for an immigration lawyer: 

Immigration is a complicated process with legal, financial and medical documentation. A commoner finds it challenging to understand all the requirements and eligibilities to put up an immigration application. Moreover, every area has its own rules and criteria to fulfill the eligibility requirements. An experienced immigration attorney in the long island will enable you to proceed with the immigration steps smoothly and nicely without any unnecessary delays.

The immigration laws and processes are extraordinarily tangled and complex. Even slight mistakes in the process can cause year-long delays or even denials. So it is crucial to proceed with immigration matters vigilantly. It is better to hire a reasonable and skilled immigration attorney in Long Island if you deal with any immigration issues


Find the best immigration lawyer in Long Island:

Make sure you find the best immigration lawyer in long island. Most of the accomplished lawyers are members of the American Immigration lawyers association. A lawyer doesn’t need to be its members, but the access to colleges that are members keeps them updated about the changing laws and policies dealing the challenging situations. The best way to select a good immigration lawyer is to talk to several lawyers before deciding on anyone. Choose the one you feel comfortable discussing your issue with and the one who has previously dealt with similar cases.


Our job as immigration attorneys in Long Island is to help immigrant families protect their rights and provide services to better their lives. We focus on a variety of practice areas within immigration law. These services include providing resources immigrants need to gain employment and be considered U.S. citizens, such as:

  • Adjustment of Status
  • Green Cards
  • Citizenship & Naturalization
  • Investment-Based Visas

o E-1

o E-2

o EB-5

o H-1B

o H-2B

o H-3 L-1

o O-1

  • Work Permits & Visas

We also provide deportation defense for immigrant families and individuals facing deportation proceedings. Our firm focuses on various deportation laws, including waivers of deporting, deportation and removal defense, U Visas, and much more.

The bottom line is that the immigration laws are very tangled and complicated even minor mistakes can cause long delays and outright denials. It is crucial to deal the immigration matters with extreme care. It is better to hire a good immigration lawyer for a smooth immigration process.