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If you are not happy with your partner or start finding reasons to avoid your partner, or you live like roommates. You or your spouse’s priorities have been changed. Your instincts are advising you to get out. These all are early signs of parting, and unfortunately, this drives you to a separation or divorce. But the biggest problem that comes with this is its effect on the children. The impact on men, women, and children varies, but the stresses associated with them are not easy to handle; his intensity could unsettle life’s equilibrium. Divorce is necessary for our society for various reasons, but that does not mean it should be easy to get one.

Divorce is a difficult and emotional time, so having an experienced divorce lawyer who can help you move forward and help you and your spouse transition into the next chapter in life is essential. At the Law Office of Tejal Shah, P.C., our dedicated divorce attorneys in Long Island have helped several clients like you carry out a divorce in a way that has the best interest of both parties in mind. An ideal lawyer deals with the current situation with their expertise and guides the clients wisely for future circumstances.

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The lack of commitment, disloyalty, conflicts, and arguing can be the ground for divorce. Unfaithfulness, domestic violence can raise the desire for a divorce, and then the blame game starts, in most cases, partners blaming other than blaming themselves for the divorce. A divorce can be contested or uncontested divorce, and in some cases, they begin with uncontested, but it ends up with contested divorce.

At that time, you need someone you can trust and understand you and your point of view precisely. The divorce attorney in Long Island has your best interests and legal goals in mind while working with you. For several years, we have been serving local families in Long Island with reliable legal services that ensure any divorce ends with both parties, and their children, having a smooth and comfortable transition into the next phase of their lives.

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Even though you are not satisfied with your spouse or you have a stressful marriage, you don’t want a divorce, or you are not ready, or may you need some time. In this case, you have some alternatives like an annulment or a separation from which you can get a benefit.

Once you decided to go for divorce, few questions may arise in your mind:

Will I need to hire a lawyer?

If I own a house or business with my spouse, what will happen to it?

Who will get custody of our children?

Once you start working with a lawyer, they will lead you through the steps and recommend what must be done to conclude the divorce/separation processes. Also, nothing can replace a skilled attorney’s advice according to your specific situation.

And no doubt, when you work with our divorce lawyer, you’re working with the best in Long Island. We understand your concerns to think about during this time, and we will help you manage the legalities surrounding these decisions. Whether it’s spousal support payments or child support, we will discuss all your concerns before they reach the courtroom to ensure your new life transition goes as smoothly as possible.

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Rely on our divorce attorney in Long Island to help you and your family through the complicated divorce process. With several years of experience, the legal professionals at Tejal Shah, P.C., have helped many families, just like yours, complete the divorce process with both parties best interests in mind.

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Why Do You Need A Family Law Attorney?

The disputes related to family relationships, such as adoption, separation, and child guardianship, are usually dealt with by family law. Family law attorneys even specialize in Alimony, prenuptial agreement, emancipation, and marital property issues related to divorce. A family law lawyer represents clients in family court for agreements, negotiations, court petitions, distribution of assets, domestic violence.


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Family law attorney is a vast legal practice area, which also includes fostering care and paternity. These family law matters are susceptible and confidential. You need a trusted legal expert from your side who can assist you and be represented and protected during any legal process. Our family law attorneys in Long Island are skilled at dealing with marital property, estimating spousal aid, and offering a plan for child guardianship, visitation, and maintenance. Adoption is a complicated process that varies according to the state law and nature of adoption, like where the child belongs (sometimes from a different country) and other factors. That’s why it is always being recommended to consult with a family law attorney.